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2013 - Four Lovers xo


released January 16, 2013

On Your Own:
Yesterday I thought of you, and I realised you're not who you use to be. Anymore,
The love in your eyes has gone and now drowning on your own.
You brought me up and then pulled me down.
You left me with nothing for yourself.
These pictures remind me of how things use to be.
I remember when I use to know you.
So close your eyeshope it goes away!
You're buried in your lies and hate.
you're left with nothing but yourself and you wish that you could turn it all back around.
You're left with nothing but yourself.
and now you're on you're own! You're on you're own.
And I don't need you anymore!

stuck in where I am
Not where I want to be
Angst is beating me
I fear I'll never be free.
I'll send my thoughts of escape to places they can bloom.
I'll send my thoughts of escape to places they can bloom.
Where sunlight kills the darkness and all the gloom.
Let me break free.

Fade away:
You'll burn it all away with the trouble that they make.
Something you've always been against you are now becoming I can see this ain't right for you.
And you Know your fading to.
Dazed and confused of these choices that you make.
you lay in the sunrise as you sink into a comedown of regret.
I can see this ain't right for you and you know your fading to.
Do you think it's fair that their happy and your not.
They'll drag you down with all their rules and lies and you think your happy but really your dead inside

Just for you:
The Headlights And the white lines to guide the silence of the night.
I'm switching on and off and struggling to feel alive.
My mind is numb and my eyes are lost and I don't know if I'm living or dreaming.
Tomorrow ill feel dead and broken. stuck in a city of grey.
with only thoughts of you to get me through each day.
Ill miss you! Ill need you.
The cold air enters and I start to wake, the sun is rising and we are still miles away.
But it was all worth it just to be with you!
So please dont take me home I want to disappear.
Let me stay lost in all these dark and lonely miles, where I can wonder and be left alone.
Where I can wonder and be left alone.

Feeling lost in comfort, never knowing what to say.
So here I go again I'll get numb and not remember anything.
My minds is a carousel spinning my thoughts around.
Some times I feel fine but these words i speak never seem to shine.
I never listen to anyone while stuck in these daydreams of you! Of you!
So ill escape and ill come find you,Lets turn this into something good and wash away the bad memories.

Four Lovers xo



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Concave Cardiff, UK

Concave, Cardiff, South Wales

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